Health, Safety, Security and Environment

Magal Oil and Gas is committed to providing a safe and secure working environment to all employees, contractors and stakeholders. 

HSSE is one of our central pillars. We make it our priority to ensure that physical and environmental risks are kept to a minimum.

Our Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) policy and procedures ensure that any safety issues are identified, assessed and managed appropriately, using robust processes.

We believe that all workplace injuries and environmental incidents are avoidable by protecting the health of our workers and the environments in which they operate. We encourage all employees to follow our control programmes and processes in every instance.

Our health and safety management systems encourage employees to act in accordance with all applicable HSSE laws, regulations and standards. We make every effort to communicate our policy to all staff to ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities and accountabilities.

With every oil and gas project that we undertake, we identify HSSE risks well ahead of work commencing. We provide full training to our personnel and ensure that they are competent to perform the allocated work safely and without risk to personnel and the environment.

To meet the objectives outlined in our policy, we ensure that employees have all the necessary resources to carry out their work safely and securely. We conduct regular policy reviews, publish periodic reports on our HSSE performance and implement audits of our safety management systems.