Full-Service Security Systems Integrator


As a full-service security systems integrator in the oil and gas industry, we work with new and existing set-ups. 

Magal’s state-of-the-art Command and Control System integrates our own security products, with the most advanced technologies in the security field, including anti-drone and autonomous drone technology. 

With the largest perimeter security portfolio in the world and an industry-leading video surveillance and management system, Magal is the partner of choice for turnkey security solutions.

Our integrations are fully customisable, based on the individual requirements of our clients. We have a successful history of providing security integrations on-time and in accordance with defined budgets. Our engineers are well-versed in government security regulations and directives, so our clients can be assured that their integration projects will be managed professionally.

Magal’s Command and Control system allows our clients to control their site’s security as well as manage ongoing emergency operations from one operator screen. Whether managing POB, fire alarms, or electricity, Magal can customise integrations to make site operations more effective.