Maintenance, Support and Training

Operational Training


At Magal, we also provide operational training for the security systems that we install. We can train oil and gas personnel to operate the command and control centre of our systems in addition to other technologies that we install.

Our preventative maintenance service can be scheduled annually, every six months, or quarterly, depending on the clients’ needs. We ensure that systems run as efficiently as possible and carry out any maintenance works required to achieve maximum optimisation.

Our technical support service provides access to qualified service personnel, who identify and then resolve any technical issues. We also offer on-site support, whether onshore or offshore, where our certified technicians are available immediately to provide technical assistance.

Our ongoing training services are designed to provide personnel with the tools they need to manage and mitigate risk on oil and gas sites. We provide access to a comprehensive library of maintenance and installation manuals as well as training materials and engineering drawings.