Access Control

Essential Component of any Oil and Gas Site

Access Control

Access Control is an essential component of any oil and gas site. Safety and security concerns demand a rigorous system. 

Magal provides oil and gas sites with complete access control packages for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Plastic access cards have traditionally been the primary method for identity verification and e-mustering in oil and gas sites. Today, advanced technologies like biometrics can offer authentication through human body measurements and calculations, providing more reliable and affordable access control.

Our pedestrian access control and e-mustering system can include fingerprint scanning, face recognition, iris scanning and vein recognition solutions. Turnstiles add an additional layer of security and control.

For vehicle access control, Magal offers a variety of solutions. Our autonomous gate systems provide license place recognition, which eliminates the need for a human presence at access points. Our anti-terror barriers range from static bollards to lift-assist barriers.

Our access control features for vehicles also include under vehicle scanning, which can detect suspicious objects and digitally record the underside of vehicles. Autonomous vehicle scanning helps ease congestion and can avoid delays and disruptions to site operations.