Anti-Drone/UAV systems

Sophisticated Security System

Anti-Drone/UAV systems

The growing use of mini drones and quadcopters, combined with recent technological advances, has dramatically increased the risk of these systems being used for damaging activities in the oil and gas field – onshore and offshore.

Magal’s “Mag-3D” Counter-Drone and UAV System is a sophisticated security system that provides oil and gas companies with protection from unwelcome drones. Through radar detection and frequency jamming, Magal’s anti-drone solution prevents intrusive drones from flying over or landing inside critical sites.

Using radar technology, our solution can detect and track aerial targets of up to 6 km and has thermal and day image verification capabilities. Upon detection, the camera is then cued to the target and presents the operator with its image, tracking its flight path in real-time.

Our Mag-3D solution can be customized to suit different operational needs, budgets, and technical constraints. We offer shorter range detection systems and tailor-made mobile configurations, where the system is controlled from a Tactical Command Vehicle (TCV), allowing operators to deploy the system to remote locations quicker.