Command and Control

Better Physical and Cyber Security

Command and Control

Magal’s Fortis X command and control centre can integrate any security and operations system, regardless of whether it was developed by Magal or a third-party provider.  

Fortis X enables oil and gas companies to share information and resources through a single platform to better manage physical and cyber security, operations, as well as employee health and safety.

All security products and operational systems are integrated into one platform, resulting in improved situational awareness. Operators are aided by 3D maps, network schematics and cameras. E-mustering integration allows operators and management to quickly identify how many people are on-site and to pinpoint their exact locations.

Fortis X can improve security response times through automation and shared data. Alerts are prioritized by the software, allowing for improved decision-making during daily operations and during times of emergency. Operators are forced to deal with any alert and all responses are logged. In case of inactivity, alerts are escalated up the chain of command in line with customer-defined protocols. Tailored, event-driven procedures enforce compliance and improve security operations.

Fortis X provides oil and gas companies with an advanced, scalable and flexible command and control operating system. Information is presented quickly in an easily-digestible format so that situations can be verified immediately. Best practices can be implemented in the form of systematic instructions, to ensure operators follow the proper security procedures