Cyber Security

Holistic Viewpoint

Cyber Security

Oil and gas sites aren’t just vulnerable to physical intrusions. As digitization continues to take hold in the industry, companies are increasingly at risk of cyber attacks. 

At Magal, we approach oil and gas security from a holistic viewpoint and consider cyber security to be as essential as physical security.

A targeted cyber attack can disrupt production schedules, increase operating costs and damage a company’s reputation in the global market. In some cases, cyber attacks can completely shut down a site’s operations.

Magal’s cyber security services help oil and gas companies monitor network flow, detect vulnerabilities and respond immediately to suspected attacks. With years of experience in the field of cyber security, Magal uses the very latest technology to monitor and control the security of oil and gas sites.

At the core of our cyber operations is Tungsten, an in house developed cyber switch that protects the security network of oil and gas sites from security breaches. Our switch learns our clients’ networks and locks-down any attempted breach while providing feedback on the exact location of the attempted attack in real-time.