Perimeter Security

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Perimeter Security

At Magal, we have the biggest portfolio of perimeter security products in the world. We specialise in providing Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) to the oil and gas industry. 

Our portfolio includes physical fences and barriers, fence or wall- mounted sensors, virtual fences and seismic sensors for underground activity detection.

Our systems are individually tailored to different temperatures, humidity and wind conditions. All fences and sensors are manufactured in-house and calibrated to the exact specifications our customers request. Our systems are robust and durable, with the highest rates of detection, yet lowest false alarm rates in the industry.  

Magal’s Research and Development team has developed the widest variety of durable PIDS technology in the industry. Our offerings include, but are not limited to, taut wire products, decorative smart fences, smart grids for culvert protection, electro-mechanical vibration sensors, microphonic sensors, fiber-optic sensors, buried volumetric sensors, bistatic field detectors and seismic sensors. Our technology is proven in the field with over 45,000 km of PIDS installed worldwide. Some of our PIDS installations are active for more than thirty years without replacement.

Our PIDS are integrated into Magal’s Command and Control system, which allows operators to pin point the exact location of an intrusion or sabotage attempt. They can view it in real-time and make quick operational decisions. Combined with our other security products, such as radars and long and short-range cameras, Magal ensures a closed and integrated security loop for any oil and gas site, onshore, or offshore.