Pipeline Integrity and Security

Monitored Pipelines

Pipeline Integrity and Security

Over time, pipelines are susceptible to degradation in the form of erosion, corrosion and embrittlement. 

They can also become compromised through overpressure, damage caused by fallen objects and third party tapping or sabotage.

In the oil and gas industry, the integrity of pipelines need to be assured in order to meet energy demands and to minimize risks to people and the environment. At Magal, we ensure that all pipelines, manifolds, wellheads, risers, flow lines and stations are monitored for leaks, tapping and sabotage.

Third Party Interference (TPI), including unauthorized excavation in a pipeline’s right-of-way, is a leading cause of pipeline accidents and loss. A single pipeline incident can have devastating effects, causing property destruction, service interruptions, environmental damage and risks to human life – all of which can cost pipeline operators millions of dollars in financial losses. Further, incidents involving oil theft can have a significant economic impact by going unnoticed for long periods of time.

Magal’s FiberPatrol is an advanced TPI detection system specifically designed to promote the physical security of buried pipelines and in-ground infrastructure. FiberPatrol uses fiber-optic cable buries along the pipeline to detect and locate ground vibrations and acoustic signatures associated with TPI.

No powered or conductive items are required in the field. The sensor cable is intrinsically safe within explosive atmospheres and completely immune to all forms of electromagnetic energy from radio communications, radar, electrical power transmission equipment and lightning.