Video Management Systems (VMS) & Intelligent Video Analytics

Innovative and Flexible Security

VMS & Intelligent Video Analytics

Oil and gas sites typically cover large areas and are usually found in remote, inaccessible locations. As such, these facilities can become targets for trespassing, theft, sabotage and even terror attacks. These sites are often subject to hostile environmental conditions, which can make video monitoring a challenge.

Magal’s in-house developed Video Management System (VMS) provides oil and gas companies with innovative and flexible security. Our systems help streamline security operations while reducing overall costs and avoiding vendor lock-in. The technology has proven itself in hundreds of outdoor and indoor locations worldwide.

Our Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) software enables operators to differentiate between intrusion types and identify certain behaviors and actions that pose a threat to security. Our advanced video systems enable objects to be identified clearly and tracked in real time. Alerts are raised directly through the command and control system, ensuring that follow-up action is taken quickly and effectively. Our intelligent video analytics enables operators to review hours of surveillance footage at the push of a button, reducing the workload of security personnel.

Magal’s video management systems have embedded 3D face recognition. Black and white listing assists oil and gas companies to control the authorized flow of people into and around the facility without interfering with daily operations. Information can be shared between systems, so that intruders can be tracked effectively. Face images can be run against supported databases in real-time to verify the identity and past activity of suspicious persons.

Our embedded video analytics are optimized for detecting and monitoring the movement of vehicles and people in outdoor environments. Lengthy security checks at entry gates are avoided through real-time license plate recognition capabilities. Magal’s IVAs offer advanced object tracking, classification, Personnel On Board and alarm triggering functionality while minimizing server-side storage, CPU, and network requirements.

Magal’s VMS and IVA systems can be deployed on existing off-the-shelf cameras, as well as sophisticated, long-range thermal imaging cameras.